On 15th September 2013, Dr Peter Couch from BNE founding member Arqiva chaired a session on “Spectrum – Maximising Benefit and Minimising Disruption” as part of IBC 2013. The event also included Jean-Pierre Faisan from TDF another BNE founding member company.


Following the conference, BNE would like to reiterate that in view of the high demand for spectrum, both for mobile and  broadcasting, a lot of efforts are needed by all stakeholders to share this limited resource (regulatory and public bodies such as CEPT/ECO, mobile operators, Broadcast network operators such as BNE members, manufacturers, ad hoc ventures such as @800MHz)


In addition, BNE would like to emphasize that we are in the early stages of 800 MHz LTE network roll out, and that it seems that coexistence with DTT will be possible with appropriate caution and interference mitigation techniques. However, this remains a very sensitive public issue, and BNE members remain committed to a high quality, interference free DTT service.


Read here BNE’s report on IBC’s Spectrum session.