Europe's radio landscape

Radio has been and still is the most widely used information and entertainment medium in the world. Throughout Europe, radio plays a crucial role in citizens’ lives as a source of news, information and entertainment. 47% of all Europeans listen to the radio on an almost daily basis.

In times of crisis, radio can prevail as one of the most important, most credible, and most stable sources of information. In Germany, the average daily usage duration in 2020 is about 4 hours, and there were nearly 53 million listeners.

The key facts about radio remain the same as ever

Free to air

no variable costs

Safe and reliable

no interference or disruption as compared to streaming

Anonymous use of content

Environmentally friendly

green broadcasting

Digital radio via DAB+

The radio market is booming, even in this digital age. Digital radios are becoming more and more popular. DAB+ the new standard for radio – is growing particularly quickly. The introduction of a directive requiring digital radios to be installed in new cars throughout the EU will continue to fuel this trend from the end of 2020.

DAB+ (Digital Audio Broadcasting) is terrestrial digital radio transmitted through the air. The “+” stands for the best sound quality and additional multimedia information. DAB+ offers numerous benefits for listeners: a digital sound, national and regional reception and additional digital services. All without using up your data volume – whether you’re at home or out and about.

With DAB+, broadcasters can develop new services, drive the media format forward and make radio broadcasting an exciting form of advertising. Digital radio offers society a more efficient use of the spectrum, a more environmentally friendly technology and potentially much better traffic information.

DAB+ is the future of radio and will succeed FM in the medium term. Some countries have set out a schedule for switching to digital radio while others have already implemented this change.


Terrestrial FM continues to be the most popular and universally available radio distribution network, while digital terrestrial radio is expanding in Europe


Radio and TV are the #1 and #2 most trusted media in Europe


Every week Radio reaches 84% of European citizens


The average radio listening per day is 2h22

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