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The 19th Annual European Spectrum Management Conference

19-20 June 2024 | Brussels, Belgium

Come hear Jaume Pujol discuss the long term future of the UHF band in Session 7.

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World Radiocommunication Conference 2023 (WRC-23)

20/11-15/12/2023 | Dubai, United Arab Emirates

BNE is representing terrestrial broadcast operators at WRC-23.

Visit us at the booth we share with the European Broadcasting Union and attend a live 5G Broadcast transmission demo.

For more information contact info@broadcast-networks.eu

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Colloque Avenir de la TNT 2023

14/11/2023 | Paris, France | French speaking event.

Starting January 2024, in preparation for the Olympic Games, France will introduce Ultra-High Definition through DTT and its satellite alternative Fransat. This is a great time for BNE’s French member TDF to speak about the future of DTT internationally. With its universal, free and reliable access to entertainment and high-quality information, DTT remains extremely popular in France, Europe and the world. It is the foundation of the European audiovisual model.

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DAB+ A firm foundation for radio

17/09/2023 | IBC, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Conference session at IBC 2023, presented by WorldDAB in partnership with Broadcast Networks Europe

DAB+ is revolutionising the radio industry and shaping its future. This session discusses the power of digital broadcast radio in fostering democracy, trust in media, and social commitment through high-quality news, fresh formats, and captivating content. We’ll explore the economic benefits and sustainable nature of DAB+ with inspiring success stories from around the world on how DAB+ is fueling creativity, culture, enterprise and innovation. Join this session to hear about the resilient and ever-evolving world of digital broadcast radio.

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7th MENA Spectrum Management Conference

13/09-14/09/2023 | Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain

Join us at the annual MENA Spectrum Management Conference. This year it is taking place in person again, at The Gulf Hotel in Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain, alongside the 31st Arab Spectrum Management Group (ASMG) meeting.

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8th Sub-Sahara Spectrum Management Conference

03/08-04/08/2023 | In person Event (Yaounde, Cameroon)

The 8th Sub-Sahara Spectrum Management Conference  will run back-to-back with the ATU WRC-23 preparatory meeting. Our speaker Joe Frans will be speaking on Session 2: The future of the 470-694 MHz band – maximising the socio-economic value for Africa.

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The 18th Annual European Spectrum Management Conference

6-7 June 2023 | Brussels, Belgium

This conference is part of the Global Spectrum Series and sponsored by BNE. Join our speakers Jaume Pujol and Jean-Pierre Faisan and visit our booth.

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Meeting of Regional Broadcasting Organizations and Transmitting Equipment Manufacturers (MBT) 2023

31 May 2023 – 1 June 2023 | Bečići, Budva, Montenegro

This year’s edition dealt with many topics that BNE is following closely:

  • Broadcasting infrastructure and spectrum – energy efficiency and CO2 reduction, automation, network management, alternative energy sources, UHF spectrum protection
  • 5G broadcasting – new opportunities for broadcasters and network operators
  • DAB+ digital radio – development in the region; small scale DAB, an opportunity for small radio broadcasters

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The European 5G Conference 2023

13-14 March 2023, Brussels, Belgium (in person)

Join our speaker Jaume Pujol at Session 8 and hear about 5G broadcast and our innovation roadmap.

5G Broadcast combines the building blocks of 5G mobile technology with broadcast towers to bring the free-to-air linear video experience to all types of mobile devices, including in-car systems.


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ITU-R WP-6A Meeting

Reception on 7 March 2023, ITU, Geneva, (in person)

BNE and the EBU are pleased to sponsor the evening reception of the ITU-R WP-6A (Working Party on terrestrial broadcasting delivery) meeting on 7 March.

Alongside the reception and the meeting, we encourage WP delegates to attend the demonstrations on new technologies that are part of the exciting innovation roadmap for the sector, among which 5G Broadcast, DVB-I and HDR High Dynamic Range and others.

BNE's innovation Roadmap

Frequencies for a creative & inclusive Europe – The EU’s way towards WRC-23

08/11/2022 | Hybrid breakfast meeting (Brussels & virtual)

With this event, the Wider Spectrum Group aims to create a platform for discussion about the EU’s objectives for WRC-23, industry’s suggestions for the content of the EU position for WRC-23 and the impact of the decisions taken by WRC-23 on the EU audiovisual, radio, live performance and content creation sectors – and ultimately on EU citizens.

BNE, as one of the founding members of the Wider Spectrum Group, is pleased to support this event.

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7th Sub-Sahara Spectrum Management Conference

03/11-04/11/2022 | Hybrid Event (Cape Town & virtual)

The 7th Sub-Sahara Spectrum Management Conference is taking place in a hybrid format on 3 & 4 November 2022 at the Cape Town International Convention Centre, South Africa. We will speak and have a booth, online and on site. We look forward to seeing you there!

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6th MENA Spectrum Management Conference

30/06-01/07/2022 | Hybrid Event (Tunis & virtual)

After 2 years, the Middle East and Northern Africa Spectrum Management Conference is back! We hope to see you there, in Tunis and online.

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The 17th Annual European Spectrum Management Conference

8-9/06/2022 | Brussels, Belgium

This conference was held simultaneously in Brussels and online, in hybrid format. It is part of the Global Spectrum Series, the world’s largest collection of regional spectrum policy conferences, and is sponsored by BNE.

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The CIS & CEE spectrum management conference


BNE spoke on the panel “Balancing the connectivity requirements of key users in the UHF (sub 1-GHz) ecosystem”.

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The 6th Annual Sub Sahara Spectrum Management Conference

20-22/07/2021 | Virtual Event

BNE was pleased to speak at Forum Global’s 6th Sub Sahara Spectrum Management Conference.

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The 16th Annual European Spectrum Management Conference

23-25/06/2021 | Virtual edition

Thanks for joining us at Europe’s leading meeting point for Spectrum policy discussions.

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The WRC-23 Webinars: UHF Band

18/03/2021 | Virtual Event

BNE was present at the WRC-23 Webinars: 470 – 694 MHz – Shaping the future use of the UHF band.

Jean-Pierre Faisan spoke on the global panel and we expect discussions to be interesting ahead of WRC-23.

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The European 5G Conference 2021

Virtual edition

BNE attended and sponsored the European 5G Conference 2021.

Now in its 5th year, this meeting is an important meeting place for discussion on 5G policy.

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4th CIS & CEE Spectrum Management Conference

16-18/12/2020 | Virtual Event

BNE sponsored Forum Europe’s 4th CIS & CEE Spectrum Management Conference  with virtual discussions on the WRC, spectrum bands and sharing and spectrum for verticals to name a few.

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Radio Spectrum for IMT-2020 and Beyond : Fostering Commercial and Innovative Use

8-10/12/2020 | Virtual Event

BNE was invited to speak in Session 10, that addressed low spectrum bands eg. below 1 GHz. The webinar was co-organized by ITU-R and CITC of Saudi Arabia.

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5G-MAG Tech Talk

3/12/2020 | Virtual Event

Hear BNE’s views on 5G Broadcast and its role in the future of media distribution.

The live reached a peak of 1201 people and an average of 1.118 viewers – important numbers for the 1st 5G-MAG Tech Talk!

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24- 25/11/2020  | Virtual Event

Jaume Pujol, Head of BNE’s Policy Working Group, was invited to speak at Forecast 2020 – EBU’s annual seminar on the evolution of media distribution technologies, spectrum issues, regulation and associated business models.

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RSPG Workshop on the Radio Spectrum Policy Programme

15/10/2020 | Virtual Event

At the invitation of the Radio Spectrum Policy Group, BNE participated to the 15 October workshop on the preparation of the RSPG opinion on a new Radio Spectrum Policy Program. In its presentation, BNE emphasized the reasons why the new RSPP should identify terrestrial broadcasting services as a EU strategic sector, recognizing its communicative, social, economic and cultural irreplaceable character.

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Universality, Pluralism, Innovation – Celebrating the Enduring Value and Relevance of Digital Terrestrial Television

15/10/2020 | Virtual Event

Broadcast Networks Europe organised a webinar on the enduring value and relevance of Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) on the occasion of its 10th anniversary. Discussions showed that free, reliable, and universal access to audio-visual media is more important than ever and that DTT, with its 250 million viewers across Europe, plays a key role in this respect. Special thanks to our speakers Gina Nieri, Andreas Geiss, Jérôme Dechesne, Wouter Gekiere and Jonathan Thompson and to our moderator Philippe Defraigne.


5th Annual Sub Sahara Spectrum Management Conference

14-17/09/2020 | Virtual Event

BNE was pleased to speak at Forum Global’s 5th Sub Sahara Spectrum Management Conference.

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The 15th Annual European Spectrum Management Conference

23-29/06/2020 | Brussels, Belgium

This is a policy event that BNE always looks forward to. This 15th session was particularly interesting in that it was attended by 1000 virtual participants from all over the world.
BNE’s Jaume Pujol and Jean-Pierre Faisan helped map the long-term future of the UHF band in Europe and the world, in a context where the ultra-high definition, interactivity, content and services of DTT are more popular than ever.
Presentations and videos are available here and here.

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Spectrum, Connectivity & Covid-19

28-30 April 2020 | Virtual event

In 2017, the EU decided to protect the high societal value of digital terrestrial television by securing its long term access. The current crisis demonstrates how inspired and necessary that decision was.

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The Forum Europe 4th Annual European 5G Conference

29-30 January 2020 | Virtual debates

More than ever, broadcast network operators are innovating to improve user experience: This is obvious with migration to DVB-T2, HD & UHD contents, interactive services.
Jaume Pujol, head of BNE’s policy working group discussed how 5G broadcasting options are being explored to complement DTT, reach mobile terminals and ultimately, to provide viewers with innovative options that fit within Europe’s regulatory framework.
Jaume Pujol’s presentation is available here

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World Radiocommunication Conference 2019 (WRC-19)

22-28/11/2019 | Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt

BNE represented terrestrial broadcast operators at WRC-19, namely at :

  • Radiocommunication Assembly, RA-19, 21-25 October
  • World Radio Conference, WRC-19, 28 October-22 November
  • Conference Preparatory Meeting, CPM23-1, 25-26 November

BNE takes note of the RA19 resolutions (ITU-R 70(2019) and ITU-R 71(2019)), recognizing the role of broadcasting and the principles for its future development.
Watch BNE’s animation at the European Broadcating Union booth here

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The 14th Annual European Spectrum Management Conference

19-20/06/2019 | Brussels, Belgium

The final Conference Preparatory Meeting (CPM) for WRC-19 was held in Geneva earlier this year. As the final preparations for WRC-19 begin and regional positions are fixed, Forum Europe invited BNE’s Secretary General Lars Backlund to provide an overview of DTT’s key priorities, aims and objectives for Sharm El Sheik.
See Lars Backlund’s presentation here.

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ITU Workshop on The Future of Television for Europe

7/06/2019 | Geneva, Switzerland

This workshop was organized within the context of the European Regional Initiative approved by WTDC-17 on “Broadband Infrastructure, Broadcasting and Spectrum Management”.
Jean-Pierre Faisan joined the discussions on regulatory and policy frameworks and emerging and convergent infrastructures and services.

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The 4th Annual Sub-Sahara Spectrum Management Conference

27-28/5/2019 | Gaborone, Botswana

Jean-Pierre Faisan, Head of the Communications Working Group, Broadcast Networks Europe reminded the audience that DTT covers 90% of the world population in 150 countries – including 98 countries in Region 1 with  an average penetration of 45% and typical coverage ranging from 70 to 98%.

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Meeting of Regional Broadcasting Organizations and Transmitting Equipment Manufacturers (MBT) – 19th edition

22-24/05/2019 | Budapest, Hungary

As May begins, the broadcasting industry turned its attention to the 2019 edition of the MBT’s Regional conference on terrestrial broadcasting.
The MBT is the Meeting of Regional Broadcasting Organisations and Transmitting Equipment Manufacturers. It brings together broadcasters, regulators, system integrators, distributors and operators for one Europe’s most important events for the broadcasting industry.

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