Universality, Pluralism, Innovation – Celebrating the Enduring Value and Relevance of Digital Terrestrial Television

15/10/2020 | Virtual Event

Broadcast Networks Europe organised a webinar on the enduring value and relevance of Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) on the occasion of its 10th anniversary. Discussions showed that free, reliable, and universal access to audio-visual media is more important than ever and that DTT, with its 250 million viewers across Europe, plays a key role in this respect. Special thanks to our speakers Gina Nieri, Andreas Geiss, Jérôme Dechesne, Wouter Gekiere and Jonathan Thompson and to our moderator Philippe Defraigne.


Facts & Figures


250 million European in households receive Digital Terrestrial TV


In Europe, penetration of Digital Terrestrial TV is 42%


95% of European households have a TV


Every week, TV reaches 85% of European citizens


Europeans watch an average of 3h35 TV daily, 91% of it live


Terrestrial FM continues to be the most popular and universally available radio distribution network, while digital terrestrial radio is expanding in Europe


Radio and TV are the #1 and #2 most trusted media in Europe


Every week Radio reaches 84% of European citizens


The average radio listening per day is 2h22