Broadcast Networks Europe’s response to the Draft RSPG Work Programme for 2024 and beyond.


Broadcast Networks Europe (BNE)1 welcomes the opportunity to submit a consultation response and share its  views on the (Draft) RSPG Work Programme for 2024 and beyond.

BNE’s main interest point would be the Assessment of future usage of the frequency band 470-694 MHz within the EU.

BNE represents the infrastructure providers at European level and is further investing and improving on expected technological and service developments in the broadcasting platforms, including UHD and 5G Broadcast. We will be more than happy to respond to RSPG questionnaire or actively participate in workshop initiatives as envisaged in the draft RSPG work programme.

BNE is of the view that, if the Broadcasting innovation roadmap is to be developed during the second part of the decade and the network investments are to be made, long term certainty is needed even far beyond 2030. Also, we do firmly believe that the outcome of the WRC23 provides certainty for further broadcasting developments alongside the exploration of additional and compatible flexible uses of the spectrum, demonstrating that the shared use of the 470-694MHz is of a paramount relevance for providing the maximum benefit to European citizens.

More generally, BNE remains open and available to maintain a dialogue with RSPG and any other relevant body to further discuss and explore the value and contribution of Digital Terrestrial Television and its key role for building the future of Europe. We already highlight some of the elements in the general comments which follow


Download the policy paper here