BNE members and Progira representatives gathered in Stockholm on 8-9 April to discuss the results of the study BNE commissioned to Progira and more importantly to reach a common position on HTHP-LTLP issues in view of the RSPP and the WRC processes.

Over two days, workshop participants analysed the Progira study – which estimates the number of sites for several cases of high tower and low tower infrastructures under both noise limited and interference limited conditions as well as the studies carried out by Abertis, Arqiva and TDF on network configurations and cost data for HT and LT sites.

Considering all studies had been made for different purposes and with different assumptions, participants went through the exercise of putting all data together and exchanged views on the various studies’ conclusions.

In parallel, discussions were held on the SFN White Paper prepared by Rai-Way.

After two intense days, a common position could emerge from the discussions and the workshop concluded that High Tower is still very valuable and very efficient for TV distribution.

Detailed conclusions of the workshop will be summarised in a White Paper at a later stage.