Arnaud Lucaussy was elected Chairman of Broadcast Networks Europe, effective July 1st 2020. He succeeds Josep Ventosa (Cellnex Telecom) who during his 3 year tenure led the association’s preparation for a successful WRC-19, in a period of strong transition for terrestrial broadcast networks and services. Many European countries have developed ambitious plans for innovation and are investing in further development of Digital Terrestrial Television and Radio broadcasting.

Arnaud Lucaussy is the Secretary General of TDF, one of the founding members of the association which now gathers European broadcast network operators active in 19 European countries.

 “It is an honour for me to represent the 17 broadcast network operators of the association and I am committed to promoting the relevance and modernity of digital terrestrial television and radio in Europe throughout my chairmanship. The Covid-19 crisis has shown how essential, popular and universal radio and TV are for European citizens.”