The RSPG opinion draws clear conclusions for the European Institutions and the Member States in preparation for WRC-15 later this year: it is in Europe’s best interest to put Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) at the core of the long term UHF strategy for the frequency band 470-694 MHz. Broadcast Networks Europe (BNE) fully endorses the recommended position for this frequency range which is to make No Change to the current allocation. In addition, BNE acknowledges the international momentum behind a release of the 700 MHz band by the end of  2022 and encourages the European Commission  and Member States to safeguard the importance of DTT to the 250 million European DTT viewers and, to the European Audiovisual value chain that depends on DTT for its funding. To this end, we urge the European Institutions to implement an EU coordinated transition roadmap in line with the recommendations of the Lamy report, which is essential to maintain the competitiveness of DTT through a managed and controlled release of the 700 MHz band.” – Lars Backlund

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