As requested by the Radio Spectrum Policy Group (RSPG) of the European Commission, BNE has just submitted its views on the RSPG Opinion on Strategic Challenges facing Europe in addressing the Growing Demand for Wireless Broadband.

This consultation proved to be an additional opportunity for BNE to highlight Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) ‘s spectacular success in delivering content to about 275 million people every day in Europe. More specifically, BNE

  • Deplored the insufficient prominence given by the European Commission and the RSPG of the role that Europe’s DTT services already play in delivering the ‘Digital Agenda’
  •  Highlighted the risk borne by European DTT due to the ongoing assaults on spectrum on which it depends to serve Europeans.
  • Requested that EU DTT platforms be ensured certainty over spectrum rights to sustain investment and innovation supporting European consumers’ commitment to the platform centred on a core free to air service and enhanced competition with other platforms.
  • Requested technical enhancements, e.g. DVB-T2 to be part of a strategy for innovation, growth and competition (not just as a means of further reducing the spectrum utilized by DTT).
  • Recalled the importance for the European Commission to ensure that the 470-694 MHz band remains allocated to broadcasting only and should not be considered a candidate band for IMT services in Europe.

Read the full BNE response here.

The RSPG is a high-level advisory group and adopts opinions, which are meant to assist and advise the Commission on Radio Spectrum Policy issues, on coordination of policy approaches and, where appropriate, on harmonised conditions with regard to the availability and efficient use of radio spectrum necessary for the establishment and functioning of the internal market.