BNE was one of the sponsors of the 8th European Spectrum Management Conference held in Brussels on 25-26 June 2013.

The event gathered some 200 representatives from corporate organisations, EU Institutions, National government & regulators and network industries and was a great opportunity for BNE to remind the audience of the importance of Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) for European consumers. Indeed European consumers continue to embrace the DTT platform as their primary means of linear television consumption. DTT is a great European success. In excess of 275 million European citizens spend some 4 hours a day watching TV via DTT.

In addition, BNE highlighted that Broadcasters and Network Operators continue to invest in the platform to ensure that it keeps pace with market developments, e.g. High Definition, 3D services, etc., whilst the consumers purchase new equipment to benefit from the enhanced services on offer. This continued cycle of investment and innovation ensures that the DTT platform remains a competitive force and attractive to the consumer.

Last but not least, BNE expressed its concerns that the long term sustainability of Europe’s DTT services is coming under considerable uncertainty and pressure due to the ongoing ‘tug-of-war’ over access to spectrum. As such, BNE asserted that European DTT services should be afforded their rightful prominence in the European Digital Agenda leading to certainty over access to appropriate spectrum rights for the long term to ensure a favourable environment for investment, innovation and competition.

BNE Secretary General, Lars Backlund, delivered a speech on 26 June about “The importance of UHF Spectrum for DTT and European Consumers” while BNE Chairman Bernard Pauchon addressed the participants to the evening cocktail on 25 June.